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2003-09-23: Video on Cultos is available at Adopt IT website.
2003-09-15: Symposium: Arts and Humanities in the Digital Space, Salzburg,Oct. 6-7, 2003 - Towards Web based Culture and Science
2003-07-15: New deliverables finalized - see Results, e.g. the "Proposal for a standard ontology of Intertextuality"
2003-02-28: The annual report of CULTOS is available online.
The project has designed an original model and tools for producing knowledge graphs, from which it is possible to derive hypermedia presentations. The project is currently mid-way in the implementation of a credible demonstrator. (2nd Periodic Review Report, 19/11/2002, Salzburg by European Commission – DG INFSO D1 - Interactive Electronic Publishing Sector)
2002-11-28: "Intercultural Thread of 'Silent Night'" presented with the Cultos Authoring Tool in Salzburg. View the overview image and press release (German only).
2002-11-20: Several Intercultural Threads were demonstrated by content partners of Cultos.
2002-09-21: Technology in Humanities and Arts, Conf. London 09/2001: "Let There Be LEIT. New Technologies in the service of new tasks and old traditions"
2002-08-20: CULTOS Presentation: "A Selection of Technical Concepts"
2002-07-28: ALLC / ACH 2002 , Joint International Conference of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing and the Association for Computers and the HumanitiesUniversity of Tübingen: "Organizing Multimedia Inter-textual Knowledge: New Tasks, Challenges and Technologies"
2002-06-27: Participation in the meeting of the Expert Group "Interactive Electronic Publishing/Workshop on future directions in Knowledge, Content and Interface technologies" (FP6 Planning) (EC DG InfSo, Pascal Jacques) on 2002-06-27 - 2002-06-28 in Luxembourg
2002-05-16: Cultural Heritage Roundtable, Austrian Ministery of Aconomic Affairs, Sem., Vienna, 05/2005
2002-05-28: VNET-5 Workshop on CULTOS validation activities, on the user-centred approach of the prototype and the preview of a possible graphical user interface.
2002-04-24: "Shakespeare wird multimedial" iBusiness News Article on the CULTOS Project
2002-05-20: CULTOS Project Folder (Print-PDF (1,2 MB) and Screen-PDF(75KB))
"The project is making good progress" (1st Periodic Review Report, 20/03/2002, Firenze by European Commission – DG INFSO D1 - Interactive Electronic Publishing Sector)
2002-03-21: Attendance of & Presentation of a paper related with the CULTOS research focus at EVA 2002 with Preisentation "Organising the Knowledge of Art for Hypermedia Presentation"
2002-02-26: University of Manchester, Seminar; "IT and Intertextuality: An Introduction to the CULTOS Project"
2001-09-12: Kick-off-Meeting Salzburg, 12th-14th September, 2001
2001-09-03: Start of project
2001-09-01: Press release to Austrian newspapers on the CULTOS project